Healthy Body, Healthy Mind


Spiritualism, health and wellness, are all essential building blocks to re-creating one’s sense of purpose.

At Elevate Life, Yoga is offered to our residents as part of their program of recovery. We offer an inclusive form of Yoga which can be performed by individuals with limited ranges of motion, chronic pain, and poor flexibility.

The mental benefits if yoga include, stress relief, calmness, more rational thinking, body awareness and confidence. It also helps with symptoms of depression and sleeping issues. It is also suggested that the yoga increases chemicals in your brain to help to regulate nerve activity. Aiding those who struggle with anxiety disorders. Compassion and non-judgment are a huge part in the teachings of yoga. The philosophy incorporated into classes, teaches that each day is different. It shines a light on the fact that we are all human and to honor our bodies and our abilities.

Elevate Life Wellness Centre has partnered with GOLD’S GYM and OXYGEN YOGA to provide FREE memberships to all of our residents.

OXYGEN YOGA —In the beginning the focus of your practice is to learn the asanas (poses), from there we develop the understanding of the alignment. Through the commitment in practicing consistently, the strength is built and limits are pushed. The safe and supportive environment of the class allows for quick acceleration in your practice.


Clients often say they never thought they would be able to do what they do now. The experience in the classes and witnessing their progress makes it worth every minutes.

No matter how advance you become there is always something new to learn, or some personal challenges to over come.