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Elevate Life Wellness Programs

Our wellness programs help guide men towards a new way to live - healthy.
At Elevate Life, we feel that a life consisting of balance is the best route toward achieving homeostasis of the body and the mind. To this end, we have partnered with a variety of agencies and professionals to ensure clients have access to a complete regimen of health services.
These include automatic membership to Gold’s gym and Oxygen Yoga – both in close proximity to the facility. Our Acupuncturist, Dr. Kim Graham is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, and clients are free to utilize her services on a weekly basis.
Nutritional needs are met through the provision of hearty and healthy meals prepared by our full-time and in-house Red Seal chef, Ian Yalloway. The residence is stocked with food items that clients can eat whenever they wish. Clients will be encouraged to take advantage of the various memberships and access afforded to them when they reside at Elevate Life.


Wellness Programs

Elevate Life provides a recovery environment that includes opportunities for residents and alumni to participate in structured and supervised Athletics & Outdoor Adventures.
Along with a number of sport programs, our residents often take day trips to explore and experience the power of British Columbia’s pristine wilderness. Led by Elevate Life Staff and Volunteers, participants venture out for some fresh air, and easy to moderate hikes and climbs around the Greater Vancouver Area.
These Athletics and Adventure programs allow participants to begin the process of promoting physical fitness, building confidence, and encouraging socialization—all of which are imperative to leading a clean and sober lifestyle.
Build a Stronger Body and Mind

Health & Wellness

Elevate Life Wellness Centre has partnered with GOLD'S GYM and OXYGEN YOGA
to provide FREE memberships to all of our residents.