Our Approach

Helping to heal men and families

Our Approach to Recovery

Elevate Life Wellness Centre employs a number of treatment methods,
giving our residents the best opportunity for long-term sobriety.
Elevate Life is a holistic and wellness-based treatment program with a heavy emphasis on clinical care, and a multi-modal platform of addiction treatment.
Our integrative approach yields the best treatment results by employing a combination of numerous evidence-based programs, and the traditional 12-step principles. Our clinical staff incorporate Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Existential and Rational Emotive Therapy; as well as, Narrative and other post-modern orientations.
Clinical services are delivered by our Master’s degree level therapists and counsellors, and Group Therapy sessions are facilitated by Certified Addictions Counsellors.
An emphasis on Health and Wellness is also strongly endorsed with physical activity and nutrition being fundamental components of the program.

Our Approach

  • Elevate Life recognizes that alcoholism and chemical dependency are chronic, progressive diseases and that abstinence is only the beginning of the recovery process.
  • Men participating in our program must develop an awareness of how their thoughts and beliefs block them from wellness and inner peace.
  • It is imperative that each man take personal responsibility for making alternative choices leading to recovery.
  • A key aspect of recovery is learning how to heal interpersonal relationships. The shift from feeling alone and isolated to one of inclusion is essential to each individual’s own recovery.
  • Elevate Life provides a safe and loving therapeutic environment for our participants in their pursuit of a new way of life.
Build a Stronger Body and Mind

Health & Wellness

Elevate Life Wellness Centre has partnered with GOLD'S GYM and OXYGEN YOGA
to provide FREE memberships to all of our residents.