Aftercare Planning

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Aftercare Planning

Healthy tools and relationships that are cultivated during treatment pave the way for a successful aftercare plan.

Completing residential treatment is a fantastic first step towards a new and better way of life in sobriety. Although it is a significant achievement, many people delude themselves into thinking the work they have done in treatment is sufficient for lasting sobriety.

Residents who are nearing the end of their stay work with their counsellors to create a comprehensive and realistic aftercare plan. Each individual plan provides a series of specific requirements tailored to ensure ongoing success and growth in recovery.

Aftercare plans outline necessities such as meeting attendance, further one-on-one counselling and maintenance of healthy relationships. Residents develop daily maintenance checklists and weekly routines based on their triggers, abilities, and living situations after leaving our residential program.

Healthy coping mechanisms that were identified during treatment are also included in the aftercare plans, to help deal with stress, anxiety, and turmoil. By following the recommendations of our counselling team, the men leaving Elevate Life Wellness Centre have drastically greater chances of success.