Acupuncture & Meditation

Heal your Body, Heal your Mind

Acupuncture & Meditation

Spiritualism, health and wellness, community and relationships along with self-esteem elevation are all essential building blocks to re-creating one’s sense of purpose.

Elevate Life has always believed that therapeutic programs such as acupuncture and meditation have a huge impact on the ways in which we have been able to help men recover. There is overwhelming evidence that supports that both are effective treatments for addiction and the symptoms of post-acute withdrawal present in early recovery. When combined with conventional forms of therapy, regular weekly treatments help the men in our program manage anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and physical pain.

We employ a number of certified counsellors and professionals that work hand-in-hand providing comprehensive therapy in the form of meditative and mindfulness techniques. Being clouded by substance misuse inhibits a person’s self-identification process.

Once a person becomes abstinent, deep spiritual healing work is required to experience a fulfilling and meaningful sobriety. Clients who regularly meditate and practice mindfulness are well-equipped to confront fears and face challenges that lie ahead in early recovery.